This page will have information of parties and events that I  will be going to and pictures of the events I have been to.

I  was at Tranny Shack when who shows up, Woody and I was the only one who got their picture with him.

The first set of pictures is from the Adult Video Awards in Las Vegas. I went with two of my favorite people Dan and Josephine. I had a great time and the porn stars were so nice, friendly and liked a good party.

 Wow what more can I say, so many yummy people.

 Ginger Lynn and me. She is one of my all time favorites. I was so jazzed that I got a picture with her.

 Rocco and his wife on the left and Dan, Josephine and me.

 New and up coming star.

 More of the male stars.

 More of the female stars.

 She was fun and yummy.

 So many pretty ladies that have sex for a living. I was in heaven

 Porche Lynn and me. She gave me her business card and asked me to contact her.

 Here I am with Sean Michaels who invitesed me to his party at the hotel.

 Pictures with the sexiest ladies.

 Another with one of the male stars.

 Me with the male host of AVN show.

 Lots of hot male stars.

 So many sexy hot ladies, makes your weak in the knees and give you a big hard-on.

 Me and the winner of best actress of the year.

 Some of the lady fans at the AVN party.

 Another fan.