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Dick Head Page

Hello everyone, this page is dedicated to assholes on the internet that have screwed us over, lied,  never showed up or cancelled at the last minute. This way we have a source to see if this person has screwed others in the past and to avoid any contact with them.
   So send me all the information that you have on them weather they are male , female or TG and what was the circumstances were. If you have an e-mail, picture,  what city or chat room you met them on..

New Dickhead   06/30/20010
His name is James Wayne and his phone # is 360-480-0903 email address is hotblkj@hotmail.com
 Told me him and his wife want to meet me and have a drink and go somewhere to play and would be in town on June 30. I told him lets meet at the Blue Martini at 9:00 pm and I would call him on the evening of June 30th to confirm, I called and he said they would be there.  9:30 and they havent showed up so I called and they got distracted with another couple and I said have fun. The they called later and said they still wanted to meet me so I give everyone a second chance, so I told them to come over to my place. Hours later they didnt show up, called and said they finally got a cab. Still never showed up. NOW YOU KNOW WHY I  HATE TO MEET PEOPLE FROM THE INTERNET, because of people like them, When you want to meet me and I say NO its because you might be just like them, I dont know that, but I have taken too many chances and gotten screwed over, YOU CAN THANK THEM FOR FUCKING IT UP FOR YOU. Call him and thank him for being a LOSER and Screwing it up for the Good Guys like you, because it will be a long time before I take another chance with people.

Dickhead #2 is VanityTV from  VanityTV website
she stoled pictures from my site and had them on her site and was telling people that those picture where pictures of her. How stupid can you be to steal my pictures and try to pass them off as hers. Im not even sure that the picture still on her site are even hers. If you know the site for posting phonies let me know.  You can e-mail her at  vanitytv@gay.com

Dickhead #3 is Eric West from  westeric82@hotmail.com

please e-mail him and tell him what a Dick Head he is.

He lives in Denver and set up to see me and I got a hotel room and then he never showed up, called and canceled and told me he would pay me for the hotel room he hasn't paid me and its been over a month.

If you have additions or suggestions
, email me at dickheads@shavonna.com

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