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Let me tell you a little bit about me..

What am I ? : If I was to label myself it would be a Pre-op Transexual that will not be having the operation.

Breast size?    D

Where do I live? : Las Vegas Nevada

When was I born? : October 31, 20th century

My astrological sign isScorpio

How long have I been dressing up?: I started in late 1995

How do I pay my bills? : Modeling and Makeovers 

My Favorite things to do:  Go out to clubs in Las Vegas dressed as Shavonna and hook-up with my friends.

Titles that mean something to me: I have a lifetime title as the Imperial Sovereign Ambassador to the United States from the Court of Friendship of London in the Imperial Court System. I held the title of Princepessa of Garters and Gloves in 1996 in San Francisco. I held the title of Princess of Wheels and Deals and Sister to the Coppertone Empress in 1997 in San Francisco and also Supreme Goddess in the Ducal Court of San Francisco. I have the title of Lady of Style in 2001 in San Francisco.I have the title of Lady with Big Hair in 2003 in SF I am also one of Roxy's Cream Girls.

My favorite fetish: Stockings and garters with high heels.

What gets my motor running?: Wearing stockings and having my legs rubbed.

My favorite wig color: I like them all. Variety is the spice of life and I like it spicy

Shavonna's favorite things to do : Have SEX and more SEX. I am bi as Shavonna and like to be with couples, women, T-girls and well endowed men. I like my picture taken, do videos, travel, see a good drag show and dress sexy with a little class. 

My dislikes are : People who put down other people. Pushy people. Right-wing a_ _ holes.

Drugs: I do not take hormones.

Places that I have been to dressed as Shavonna and went to different clubs: New York City, Boston, Washington DC,  Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Raliegh NC, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Denver, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Detroit, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Key West, Minnienapolis, Dayton, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach Miami. Tampa Bay, Ybor City, Salem and Portland Oregon, Salt Lake City Utah, Seattle, Vancouver BC Canada, Jamaica twice,  London England twice, Amsterdam, and Thailand.

 I can also travel to see you, if you send me a plane ticket and pay my expenses.

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